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I’ve got a new stream of mini-commentaries keyed to items of note from the current press. They aren’t fully developed blog posts so they don’t appear in this feed, but rather at This added feature is an opportunity to flag articles that I find noteworthy, as well as to communicate more frequently with readers who might find my annotations of interest. (Advisory: some of the linked material may be behind paywalls.)

Among the first handful of such musings:  Will Joe Biden lose his edge in the suburbs with a new push against zoning patterns? Is Covid behind the wreckage of South Africa and a half-dozen other previously viable states? Have we forgotten about some of the biggest losers in a cashless society? What happens when you try to switch from a big phone carrier that thinks you’ll pay for its 5G promotions?

Because the mechanics of this “newsfeed” do not allow you to subscribe for notifications, I will use this blog to alert you to every few entries.  Also, because there’s no comment function under these mini-me’s, please feel free to reply in this space.

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Longtime writer-editor, focusing on topics of business and policy, global and local.

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