These are among my panel discussions and broadcast appearances. I remain available for moderation and narrative engagements.

A conversation with the Wall Street Journal’s winners of the Overseas Press Club’s Malcolm Forbes Award (for Carlos Ghosn coverage) (October 28, 2020)

John B. Hurford Memorial Lecture: U.S. Strategy in Asia: Is the Pivot Working? (October 6, 2016)

Unrivaled Power: The Lifting of China’s Presidential Term Limits (March 22, 2018)

Speakers: Elizabeth Economy, Michael Forsythe, Susan Shirk
Speakers: Elizabeth Economy, Kurt Campbell, Thomas Christensen

China: Impact of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan (April 19, 2016)

Speakers: Brad Setser, Gao Xiqing, Karen Harris

The United States and Japan in a Changing Asia Symposium: the U.S.-Japan Alliance in the Twenty-First Century (October 29, 2015)

Speakers: Yoichi Funabashi, Richard Haass

Vietnam: Really an Investor Story This Time (EXTENDED) (October 24, 2014)
Investing in Vietnam: Bill Stoops

Shipping Trade and Casino Haul (November 11, 2014)
Global Shipping, Interview with Enrique Razon

Future of Business: Between US and China (September 2, 2011)
Cathay Pacific webinar interview of Tim Ferguson on global trade

Chinese Economy: A Few Questions for Jing Ulrich (March 11, 2013)
Interview of Jing Ulrich on China